Synthetic Horror – Spawn #279

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Title:   Spawn #279

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Darragh Savage

Artists:  Jason Shawn Alexander

Story Rating:  6

Art Rating:  5

Color Rating:  5

Overall Rating:  5.3

Al Simmons, Spawn, confronts the forces of darkness once more as the criminal underbelly of Tokyo, Japan closes in on him and Cyan. When a new hidden boss appears to be far superior to Mr. O what will come of Spawn and Cyan as the two intervene with his mysterious plans. Shizumu and Ricky take charge to strike the heart of the dark avenger. 

Darragh Savage sets up the next stages for the criminal organization, as a synthetic drug is developed to grant recruits with incredible powers. The drug has fatal consequences if the host is not compatible with the special liquid. Shizumu and the ghost woman Ricky strike back against Spawn and Cyan on two fronts. 

Ricky attacks Cyan and Spawn on the rooftops of Tokyo. In the midst of the battle Cyan awakens her inner powers of teleportation and disappears from the violence.  Cyan continues to teleport across the world to eventually return home to her foster family. She arrives to find them frozen in suspended animation as Shizumu walks out of the shadows and with his dark glare controls Cyan’s mind.   

Jason Shawn Alexander splashes dark imagery, pale colors, and sporadic line work in the makings of the comic book. The shadows and dark ink becomes overwhelming at points in the story straining the eyes to understand what is being displayed within the panels. Characters hold realistic features in terms of facial structures and physical attributes.

Pale colors rest in the background shaped with heavy shadow and ink the stand out colors are red and orange. The red and orange highlight danger and action as Spawn rips enemies in half causing blood to spill in a swift motion.

Spawn’s presence is powerful and menacing as his cape and eyes glow. He stands tall over everything making him a silent force of vengeance. The cape twists and turns with dramatic lines and he battle Ricky and the crow army in the dead of night. The line work compliments the actions and pushes the eyes forward through the comic book. 

The dark conclusion leaves a flare for the dramatic as Cyan and her foster family is in immediate danger. Will Spawn be able to reach Cyan in time? What does the new boss have in store for Spawn and the city of Tokyo? Find out in further issues when darkness swarms the city streets with evil lurking in every corner waiting to kill the innocent. 

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