Bloody Murals – Daredevil #597

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Title:   Daredevil #597

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:   Charles Soule 

Artists:  Stefano Landini

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

Marvel Comics reveals the agenda of both sides of the law as Wilson Fisk aims to destroy the legacy of Daredevil. When the city is against the devil of Hell’s Kitchen it’s only a matter of time before new evil emerges.  

Charles Soule dives into the mind of Daredevil as both lawyer and vigilante while adjusting to the rule of Mayor Fisk. The other good points come in the form of subplots, artwork, and action. 

Matthew Murdock is now under the Mayor’s wing as first deputy mayor of New York City. On the inside of office Matthew works all legal angles to expose his boss of treacherous actions both in the past to present. Fisk plans to bury Matthew’s career with endless paperwork and pointless legal affairs.  

On the streets the cops have orders to eliminate the hero Daredevil on site with extreme prejudice. Even the locals are out for the street hero to claim the reward held on the devil’s head. Mayor Fisk’s two-pronged attack may be too much for the masked hero. 

The subplot leaves a chill in the reader for the deadly super villain Muse has escaped maximum-security prison. He now sets his eyes for Daredevil and he wants the city to know of his twisted game. Displays of his artwork are seen all over the city. The last time he was in the city he took the eyes of Blindspot

The story remains unpredictable as the life of Matthew Murdock invites more pain, destruction, and suffering, for both lawyer and devil. Soule’s series continues to push the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in more ways than one. 

Stefano Landini utilizes simple line techniques and bold colors within the comic book. Dark thick lines give detail to the characters and outlines of surroundings. Stefano’s art is straightforward being contained with complete images. 

Clusters of ink add a sense of mystery reflecting a noir style in presence. Colors remain solid with very light blending from one shade to the next. The color also takes the majority of the image filling in detail with different tones of flesh on the characters or the environment.

Stefano’s style keeps the aspects of Daredevil true as the vigilante fights an endless war on crime and corruption. 

The cliffhanger leaves suspense on all sides of the story. What is Wilson’s next move as Mayor? Will Murdock ever be able to take down Fisk inside the legal office? Will Muse manage to kill Daredevil and display him across the city? Find out in further issues when Hell’s Kitchen heats up Daredevil will dive into the fire. 

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