Men behind the Mask – Spider-Men 2 #4

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Title: Spider-Men 2 #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Brian Michael Bendis

Artists:  Sara Pichelli 

Story Rating:  9

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.6 

Marvel Comics reveals the hidden truth behind Miles Morales, Peter Parker teams up with Miles and the Spider-Men track down the trail of bodies in the streets of New York. TaskMaster encounters the masked heroes as they come closer to thwarting the plans of a tragic soul. 

Brian Michael Bendis takes the story of Miles Morales to a tragic tone as character development thrives in this comic book. The good points of the comic come from the dimensional criminal Miles for we see a side not portrayed with hate and cutthroat crime but a sensitive side. 

The action in the comic is swift but dynamic as the Spider-Men clash with Task Master the heroes are overwhelmed by the assassin. In defeat it is revealed that Miles hired the assassin to discover ways of bringing back the love of his life, Barbara. Task Master discovers a dimensional bridge from one world to the next. Miles entire focus has been to find the woman he loves again. 

Sara Pichelli keeps the vision alive as the pictures and panels carry depth and solid imagery as the story comes full circle to the present action. Thick lines create the outlines and shape of the characters and background in a respectable manner. 

Colors are solid in present for they do not blend often to create expressive hues or different color tones. Elements of realism are present within the comic for characters have different facial structures and flesh tones. Critical shading creates more impactful imagery either creating mystery of character profiles. The dark ink compliments the colors enhancing the overall visual. 

The conclusion leaves a sense of mystery for what is Miles Morales going to discover in the conclusion of the storyline? Miles will travel to an alternate dimension for the sole purpose to seek out the one he lost in his own plane of existence. 

How will the Spider-Men intervene with the goals of Miles? Will he ever be united with his beloved? What will be the emotional outcome learning the alternate reality may have something more to offer? Find out as the Spider-Men journey to a land of the unknown in the end who will be the villain or the hero in the epic conclusion? 

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