Power of the Red Dragon – Iron Fist #77

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Title:   Iron Fist #77

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson 

Artists:   Mike Perkins, Andy Troy

Story Rating:  10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

The war for Kun Lun will end with death for Iron Fist and Master Choshin stand their ground in the fight of their lives and the ancient city. The city below burns as Master Choshin’s followers raid the city and it’s people under a corrupted leader. Marvel Comics embraces the final conflict in a clash of skill and fury in the ways of martial arts. 

Ed Brisson has done a remarkable job setting up beautiful character development within Iron Fist and Sabertooth. The events that befall the heroes force them to change by accomplishing selfless acts in aiding each other in times of crisis. The action is crisp and full of energy as each panel pushes the narrative forward. 

Iron Fist summons a mighty Red Dragon to help himself, Sparrow, and Sabertooth in the mission to defend Kun Lun. Sparrow and Sabertooth enter the streets with the Dragon overhead and quickly take back the city. 

In Master Choshin’s defeat the heroes create peace upon the ancient lands. The quest to rebuild and revitalize Kun Lun will be long but glorious for the local people. 

The issue completes this story arc in full with the defeat of Master Choshin. The previous issues leading up to this final moment have enhanced the impact in the aftermath of victory. The Sabertooth arc is complete as he defeats The Rat of 12 plagues in brutal combat.  

Mike Perkins and Andy Troy take it upon themselves to deliver an excellent display of heroics, martial arts, and dramatic war in the face of Iron Fist. 

The colors and dark ink deliver realism and grit in the face of danger. Iron Fist and fellow characters each have individual physical and facial structures. Shades of red, orange, yellow, and black are the most utilized colors within the issue. 

Pencil work is handled with extreme focus to detail. Facial expressions to physical nature stand out inside the comic. Quick lines capture every muscle, twitch, and movement. Dark ink amplifies the shadows in the background and on the characters. 

Everything is inviting for the reader to finish the story as the art complements the drama. The episodic drama Daniel Rand faces, as the protector of Kun Lun can be understood as he carries a mantle full of expectation and tradition.

The comic book ends on a lighthearted note for Master Choshin has been vanquished and his armies dismantled. Kun Lun now enters peace in the aftermath of a grueling struggle. Iron Fist and Sabertooth return home to New York. Continue to follow the extraordinary efforts of Daniel Rand as the Immortal Iron Fist defender of New York and warrior of Kun Lun.

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