echoes of pain – Spawn #280

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Title: Spawn #280

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writers:  Darragh Savage 

Artists:  Jason Shawn Alexander

Story Rating: 6

Art Rating:  5

Color Rating:  4

Overall Rating:

Image Comics brings the essence of tragedy and pain as the streets of Tokyo, Japan are filled with the souls of the damned. In the wake of personal loss Cyan goes after the criminals responsible for the crime infestation within the city. Spawn takes matters into his own hands hunting down the source of supernatural terror. 

Darragh Savage continues the trouble in Tokyo as Cyan investigates the death of her foster family alone. In her search she discovers a ghost who becomes her guide in solving the entire operation of the drug ring within the city. On the brink of piecing together the organization’s plan Cyan is captured by the very villains she wishes to bring to justice. 

The story has good points in suspense or demonic horror as Spawn and Cyan take on the legion of hidden monsters. Death is a critical constant in the story arc setting the tone for previous and future issues. A mysterious aspect remains throughout the comic book for the events can become unpredictable. 

The comic book lacks critical exposition for one may not understand everything happening inside the comic book. Plot points go unanswered for too long and the payoff may not feel satisfactory. Therefore, the final result becomes less impactful on the reader. 

Jason Shawn Alexander presents realistic artwork full of intense shading, dark ink, and an abundance of graphic imagery. The elements craft a dark atmosphere as Spawn and Cyan are driven further to violence in surviving the supernatural. Pale colors in the background create a sense of despair. 

Black is the main color throughout the comic followed by strong tones of red, orange, and white. These colors emphasize danger and action as characters move seamlessly from one panel to the next. 

Characters present realistic elements for facial structures and profiles take on real human features. Emotion is readable upon characters because fine details within the face make the personal development believable. 

The line work in the comic switches from loose and exaggerated to more structured and refined. Action scenes hold the most loose line work especially highlighted on Spawn as he fights multiple enemies as his chains whip through the air. Structured artwork is held on character close ups displaying an individual nature. 

The conclusion brings more danger and suspense to the characters as Spawn and Cyan are drawn further to the criminal element. What will happen to Cyan as she comes face to face with the hidden crime lord in Tokyo? Will Spawn save Cyan in time? Find out in further issues as Spawn paints the city red as his chains echo in the night. 

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