fatal broadcasts – X-Men Gold #13

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Title: X-Men: Gold #13 

Publisher: Marvel comics

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim

Artists:  Mike Mayhew

Story Rating: 7

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  9

Marvel Comics enters Marvel Legacy with the mutants as the X-Men battle against the broadcasted terror of Mojo. The X-Men of two teams both Gold and Blue, must work together to survive the endless armies of Mojo’s monsters. The mutants must escape the deadly traps or perish in television’s most intergalactic fatal network. 

Marc Guggenheim begins the next big crossover event by bringing both squads of the X-Men in a deadly game of survival. The mutants are lured toward giant golden spires and once in range become trapped inside an impenetrable force field. Endless armies of monsters emerge from the spires each creature reflects the villains from their past. The environment changes to harsh areas as they fight their way through the deadly hordes of creatures. 

Mojo announces to the world and other potential viewers of the televised game. He calculates the potential ratings for his show in hopes to breathe new life into show business. The games are just beginning as the danger grows in scale so does the viewership with no intention of stopping any time soon. 

Mike Mayhew brings a realistic perspective in the comic book maintaining a strong approach to color and physical appearance. The artwork uses masterful techniques creating stunning visuals, which draw the attention of the eyes to every component being presented within the panel. 

Each character holds a rich color according to specific costumes. Solid colors of red, black, blue, and yellow are the main colors presented in the comic. The flesh tones and other hues blend together very well whether it comes across as the clothing or skin. The specific mutant powers bring about large sums of color to highlight attacks or energy. Line work is basic as the background holds simple shapes and the characters sport thin lines to give emphasis on color. 

The end of the comic book marks the beginning for this new crossover storyline, which carries over from this title to the X-Men: Blue title. Both comic titles will alternate to tell a linear story. What else does Mojo have in store for our heroes? How will the people of the world react to the broadcasted horror amongst the planet and far reaches of space? Follow this series as X-Men band together once more in the face of danger to defend the planet and the lives of humans and mutants alike.

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