Legions of hydra – Secret empire #9

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Title: Secret Empire #9 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Nick Spencer

Artists:  Leinil Francis Yu, Joe Bennett   

Story Rating:  10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  10 

The Hydra Order is losing its grip on the war for the planet as the Resistance and other heroes manage to fight back against the Supreme leader Steve Rogers. Heroes from across the globe answer the call to attack the heart of Hydra Command in Washington D.C. Marvel Comics gives hope back to the people and the heroes that fight for them. 

Nick Spencer delivers a chapter of uncertainty and suspense as all the moving parts come to fruition. Emma Frost recruits Magneto to take on the Hydra warships and succeeds in bringing down the fleet. Inside the Hydra camp TaskMaster and Black Ant release the Resistance. In the battlefield Thor betrays the Hydra Order and fights for good. 

Steve Rogers was not prepared for the heavy losses under the hands of betrayal and calculated schemes. The Hydra Command takes desperate precautions to ensure one last stand to the resistance. In a hidden bunker awaits a legion of super villains waiting to be awakened by the supreme leader. 

Leinil Francis Yu and Joe Bennett work together to bring about the magnificent artwork behind Secret Empire. The heroes and villains shine through dramatic line work and vivid color. The art has a touch of realism as the expressions and details can be seen on the characters faces. The line work reveals details with complete shapes in the background and physical appearance. The line edges are hardly exaggerated.

The color outweighs the shading and takes the main focus of the panels. Everything is colored to completion and represented properly in accordance of which hero is being displayed at any given moment. Bright bold colors are highlighted following all colors of the spectrum. 

In the end of the comic book it is revealed Arnim Zola prepares a weapon for the Supreme Leader. Zola modifies an Iron Man suit that can wield all the Cosmic Cube fragments in his possession. Now amplified a thousand percent there is no telling what kind of destruction Steve will bring about to the Marvel Universe. The fate of the world has yet to be determined as the battle continues in the next issue of Secret Empire.

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