strength in numbers – Power Rangers #19

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Title:  Power Rangers #19

Publisher:   Boom! Studios 

Writers:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:  Hendry Prasetya 

Story Rating: 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  9.6 

The Power Rangers become overwhelmed with the dark forces emerging off the streets. Humanoid monsters designed by the mad creator Finster are transforming without warning across the globe.  Hundreds of monsters will continue to rise until only destruction is left and the planet turned to ash. 

Kyle Higgins dives into the next great challenge for the Rangers, as the invasion of monsters beings worldwide. In the streets of Barcelona, Spain a former human transforms into a giant monster and tears through the city. In the middle of battle another monster emerges in Toronto, Canada

The Rangers divide up their forces to fight on both ends of the threat. Eventually with strategic thinking the Rangers manage to defeat both the creatures in one swift action saving the day. But the victory is short lived for this global threat is one the Rangers cannot foresee.

Hendry Prasetya’s art is always full of dynamic line work and rich color. The line work is neat in the construction of characters and backgrounds. Every character in the comic shares a few detail lines to give small facial expressions. The monsters pose more details to highlight their mass and profile. The Rangers have the majority of color being their uniforms hold solid tones of red, black, yellow, blue, pink, and green. 

The dark inks and shading techniques are used heavily in the height of conflict and danger. The monsters cause massive destruction when fighting the Rangers, which leaves fire and crushed cars. Shading covers the bodies of the monsters to bring about a sense of intimidation. The powers both the Rangers and monsters wield are expressed through vivid color and forms of energy flying across the panels. 

The conclusion sparks a mystery in the Power Ranger mythos. The famous Grace Sterling reveals she was in fact a former ranger previous to the current team of Rangers. What will she reveal next as she sparks many questions? How will the Rangers locate and find all the hidden monsters before even more damage can happen over the city and the world? Find out as these teenagers with attitude battle the forces of evil as the Power Rangers.

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