underground allies – daredevil #598

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Daredevil #598

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Charles Soule 

Artists:  Ron Garney

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

Marvel Comics stirs things up with the stance of super powered vigilantes in New York City. With Muse on the rise with his influential art made public it’s only a matter of time before more blood is shed. Daredevil must stop the crime within the streets and the corruption within the Mayor’s Office. 

Charles Soule continues to upset New York as Muse starts the great vigilante debate. Wilson Fisk makes deals under the table as he recruits the head criminals behind closed doors. Under the Mayor’s watch criminals like Hammerhead and Diamondback will be running things in favor of Fisk.  

In a turn of events Muse manages to wipe out an entire police unit in doing so creates a tragedy and an opportunity. Numerous bodies are left upon the latest mural of superheroes, which leaves Wilson at an advantage for his influence can bring a city together.  

The issue is smart in delivering a compelling story and an underlining of unpredictability. One never knows what actions Wilson Fisk will take to ensure the people of New York will follow his political agenda. The emergence of super villains only intrigues the curiosity of the reader further to finish the issue from beginning to end.  

Ron Garney takes artistic methods of loose and rushed line work. Soothing color and emotional depth within the notion of intellectual conflict. Realism comes across in the comic, for each character has specific facial characteristics and emotion. The background is complete with basic line work but becoming too complex to understand the vision. 

Colors are distinct in creating a refined atmosphere of noir and deception. Environments move from pinks to soft blues or pale colors depending on the time of day and the characters being portrayed. Dark ink enhances the color transitions or highlights the light source within the panels. Everything inside the panels is direct and bold to ensure the reader’s attention is not broken.

The conclusion is well executed for the comic leaves the reader wanting more. The story compels the reader to learn more of the possible outcomes based on the impactful material built up within the issue. 

Muse is still on the loose and with his murals of heroism can lead to an uproar to side or oppose the vigilantes. Mayor Fisk will adapt to the new circumstances to win the hearts of the people by any means necessary in the public eye or behind closed doors. Follow Daredevil as he tries to put an end to Muse and the Mayor’s corruption in further issues as the tenses between the civilians and the vigilantes are about to boil over.

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