End Of The Web – Spider-Men 2 #5

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Title:  Spider-Men 2 #5

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Brian Michael Bendis

Artists:   Sara Pichelli, Justin Ponsor

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics draws the conclusion to the Spider-Men. The two heroes reach new levels of development as Miles Morales is on the verge of achieving his life long goal to recapture what is lost in his own dimension. 

Brian Michael Bendis completes his saga of the Spider-Men and Miles Morales. The two heroes go through major character development by the end of the series. Peter Parker and Miles address the symbolism and ideals behind the Spider-Man mantle.  

The good points to emerge from this comic were the art, action, character development, and suspense. The story remained to be unpredictable but compelling to understand the full scope between Peter Parker and Miles Morales.  

The motivation behind Miles Morales was hidden for several issues once revealed it put a different perspective on the character. Miles only wanted to find the doppelganger of his dead wife willing to travel to different dimensions to be with her forever.  TaskMaster was only hired to find the doppelganger and stop any interference from outside sources being the Spider-Men. 

The artwork designed by Sara Pichelli is decent with strong pencil work. Justin Ponsor finishes the visual with crisp color to highlight the characters, background, and action displayed inside the issue.  

Heavy line work creates outlines and bold imagery between the characters. Everything is appealing and understandable upon each panel. The colors complete the images by adding a glossy finish with different flesh tones and hues. 

Both Spider-Men wear their iconic colors as they battle the menacing TaskMaster. The city is solid in structure having an authentic city appearance. Dark ink brings focus to emotional and physical nature as the characters move from different panels. 

The comic book has some level of satisfaction as the final issue completes the short series. The millionaire criminal manages to achieve his goal and crossover to the other dimension and finds the Barbra counterpart. Miles decides to throw his old life away and to start a new one in the Ultimate Universe.  

Another point of interest comes from Miles as he chooses to walk away from the life of Spider-Man. What will become of his character in further storylines? Find out as Marvel Comics continues to push imagination, action, and other adventures with some of the most iconic heroes of all time. For the Spider-Men are no more.

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