Welcome to Sin City – Iron Fist #78

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Title:  Iron Fist #78

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson

Artists: Damian Couceiro, Andy Troy

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10

Marvel Comics brings the warrior of Kun Lun to Las Vegas. In the aftermath of Mephisto’s take over of the city Daniel Rand, Iron Fist, becomes entangled in a personal hell on the verge of claiming his soul. 

Ed Brisson continues the perspective of Iron Fist from the Aftermath of the initial mission. During his psychosis Daniel discovers visions of his past, present, and future almost too real to distinguish from reality. 

The comic offers good character development inside our protagonist for emotion runs high for the warrior of Kun Lun. Another valid story point would be the action brutal yet swift the comic doesn’t hold back in portraying heavy violence in the supernatural underbelly. 

Damian Couceiro and Andy Troy develop an art style that is focused on direct lines and solid colors. Each artistic element works in providing a satisfactory world that continues the vision brought from the Doctor Strange: Damnation storyline but in a unique twist.   

Heavy lines are displayed throughout the comic creating a strong presence upon each individual page. The outlines to the environment and shapes are straightforward being easily understandable.

The overall visual has more cartoonish to comic characteristics only a very small portion of credible realism can be spotted through the imagery. 

The star of the artistic elements thrives in color, everything pops in bright visuals even the dark tones stand out amongst the panels. Red and black are the primary colors throughout the comic being the story is taking place in the underworld. A haunting atmosphere is present for demons and monsters lurk everywhere in the city of Las Vegas. 

In the end Daniel encounters a person from his past that is also trapped in the burning city, Orson Randall, another Iron Fist. What will happen when these two warriors cross paths in the state of hellfire? Will Daniel ever escape the wrath of Mephisto and reunite with the other supernatural heroes of the Marvel Universe? Find out in further issues as fists clash in this tale of supernatural torment and sacrifice.

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