Ghosts of The Past – X-Men gold #14

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Title:  X-Men: Gold #14

Publisher:  Marvel Comics 

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim 

Artists:   Marc Laming

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics plunges back into the televised network of glorified death as the X-Men battle the memories of their most powerful enemies. The roster of villains continues to grow in the Mojo machine. Magneto, The Avengers, and Phoenix Force make their presence known as each simulation brings the mutants to the brink of death. Marvel Legacy continues in this next chapter of the most genetically enhanced people on Earth. 

Marc Guggenheim forces the X-Men of both Blue and Gold to relive some of their most haunting memories. Survival is not guaranteed for Ice Man, Wolverine, Angel, and Storm have fallen in battle. The remaining X-Men must band together to out live the torture brought upon them by Mojo. 

Mojo has no intentions of stopping his epic broadcast worldwide. The viewers and ratings continue to increase as the planet watches in full spectrum of the violence. Even the mutants outside of the force field spires cannot penetrate the shields to liberate their friends from sudden doom.  

Marc Laming executes a rich layer of color for the comic book. Each panel is appealing to the eyes as danger and action take place in this horrific tale. Bright solid colors or red, yellow, pink, black, and blue take center focus within the story. Dark thick lines outline the characters and backgrounds to create simple shapes with no over complex images. The artwork is light on shading for the color overtakes the final pictures to draw attention to the action and realism on facial structures. 

The conclusion holds no surprise as the mutants continue to survive the endless threats with each passing moment. New memories are added to the twisted game enforcing more danger to the mutants. Who will fall next? How will our heroes defeat the simulations and Mojo himself? What other memories will they encounter? Find out as these gifted youngsters hold on to hope in the midst of endless bloodshed.

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