Avengers Assemble! – Secret Empire #10

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Title: Secret Empire #10 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Nick Spencer

Artists:  Steve McNiven 

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10 

The final chapter to Secret Empire has arrived. The Marvel Universe is at the hands of Steve Rogers as he wields the full power of the Cosmic Cube. The last battle in the war of costumed heroes takes place in Washington D.C. The Supreme Leader forces the planet to its knees as he warps reality and destroys anyone who opposes his dream. 

Nick Spencer brings about an epic conclusion to Secret Empire, as the Supreme leader possesses more power than every hero combined. He warps reality in the name of Hydra altering history to suit his personal agenda. When the world is defeated Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Ant-Man execute a plan to eliminate the center of evil.   

Bucky Barnes travels inside the Cosmic Cube to find the real Captain America and Kobik trapped in the dimensional prison. Bucky brings the true Captain America back to the real world. The world watches the true Captain America take on the Hydra imposter alone in a mortal combat. Captain defeats the Supreme leader with the strength of Thor’s Hammer and destroys the cosmic armor. 

Kobik, the entity of the Cosmic Cube reverses the damage done by the Supreme Leader. She reserves the time and universal imprint of Hydra back to its proper order in a world without total dictatorship. In the aftermath the people and heroes come together to rebuild the destruction left by Hydra. The planet will never forget the sacrifices made to bring about a better tomorrow. 

The artwork by Steve McNiven is decent in both fields of line work and color. The shapes and edges are clean with simple lines; nothing is exaggerated beyond expectation. The characters are displayed with great detail with the proper combination of lines and colors. Realism is present amongst the facial structures and body profiles of the characters. 

The color brings about the marvelous powers utilized within the comic book. The Cosmic Cube releases waves of energy through the panels in powerful shades of blue and yellow. The other heroes in the book are properly representing sporting significant colors and costumes. Overall the art is very detailed giving a sharp appearance.

Secret Empire will be one of many great storylines to ever be published through Marvel Comics. Comic book fans will appreciate the change in direction resulting in one of the largest wars in the Marvel Universe and comic book history. Everyone has a dark side even the greatest hero of all, Captain America. Marvel will continue to release engaging books with outstanding story arcs, character development, and artwork. Be sure to follow this story and many others, as the pursuit for justice is never-ending. 

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