Race of the Damned – Spawn #281

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Title:   Spawn #281

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writers: Darragh Savage

Artists:  Jason Shawn Alexander

Story Rating:  9

Art Rating: 7

Color Rating: 6

Overall Rating: 6.6 

Image Comics lurks in the dark world of Spawn as he races through Tokyo to save Cyan. In the fortress of souls Cyan’s life is being drained giving her visions of the dead it’s only a matter of time before she suffers the same fate. 

Darragh Savage writes suspense and horror in this supernatural series. The good points come from action and exposition within the story. Spawn fights demons as he tracks the location of Cyan; the panels display the raw nature of Spawn killing his enemies. Story details are answered through ghosts in Cyan’s vision offering important exposition regarding the missing people throughout Tokyo. 

Children are kidnapped and fed to a monster, which in return creates a powerful synthetic drug. A drug capable of controlling human behavior that fetches for a high price on the supernatural market. 

Jason Shawn Alexander sets the tone for Spawn as the world around him is cast in shadow and mystery. The supernatural forces at hand warp the mind as Spawn hunts the demons that hold Cyan hostage in their fortress of souls. 

Dark ink and loose line work form the makeup of the comic book. Realism is present upon characters’ faces delivering a unique appearance. Shadows create elements of horror complemented with pale visuals of color. 

Expressions of emotion or action take shape with exaggerated movements. Spawn cape waves in the wind while his chains whip and whirl in every direction. The demons share a compelling expression displaying extended limbs and elongated faces. Color choice in the comic remains bland with some streaks of red and orange being drowned in black. 

The cliffhanger brings more danger to Spawn for he encounters the hidden criminal boss who possesses powerful abilities yet unknown to the world. This blank face man is the only one who stands in the way of Spawn saving Cyan. Will Spawn save Cyan in time? Just how powerful is the blank face man? Find out in further issues of the dark avenger in Spawn.

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