Wolverine VS Blade – Graphic Novel Review

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Title:  Wolverine VS Blade

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers: Marc Guggenheim

Artists: Dave Wilkins 

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics brings forth a graphic novel in the realm of supernatural horror. The legendary vampire hunter Blade crosses paths with the X-Men’s most savage mutant, Wolverine. In a demonic prophecy the two heroes trade steel as they cleanse the world of relentless bloodsuckers. 

Marc Guggenheim explores a dark vision that will shape the world of vampires forever. A prophecy foretells of the vampire Varkis, a messiah to all vampires, that will reign supreme with powers beyond any creature of the night. The Creed the hidden cult of vampire worshippers develop a means to amplify their strength by inducing vampiric blood through mutants.

Blade and Wolverine discover the hidden meaning behind the demonic people and in doing so travel across the world to stop the invasion of the dead. The two warriors put aside their differences to overcome the dark forces and prevent hell on Earth.

Dave Wilkins brings forth the action with graphic gore and blood with redefined realism. The style has a foundation of brush like highlights in skin tones and tactical realism in physical structures. The line work is clean with enough care to project a sense of actual people portraying the famous marvel characters.

The color pallet is strong in bringing focus to the aura of night with cool colors being grey and black. Red bursts cut through the lack of vibrant hues by introducing blood during the intense action and light elements, in displaying the reflection of metal and blades.

Overall the graphic novel is straight forward in storytelling. The book itself does not present numerous plotlines and stays a closed off event between Wolverine and Blade. Therefore, the rest of the Marvel Universe is not involved. The graphic novel is for anyone who loves supernatural horror, action, and suspense in a fast paced story in one complete book.

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