Sinister Psycho Green! – Power Rangers #20

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Title:  Power Rangers #20

Publisher:  Boom! Studios

Writers:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:  Daniele Di Nicuolo, Walter Baiamonte

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Boom! Studios, unearths the hidden history to the Power Rangers lore. The past of Grace Sterling is revealed being the first ever Red Ranger of Earth. The very first team of Power Rangers is assembled to take on a force that threatens the world. 

Kyle Higgins dives into the past as the Earth watches the historic moon landing. Once on the moon the deadly Psycho Green emerges an enemy of Zordon and follower of the tyrannical Dark Spector. Green’s mission is to unlock the prison of Rita Repulsa on the moon. 

Zordon summons a team of Rangers to stop Psycho Green before his mission is complete. The team of Rangers under Grace Sterling’s leadership is transported to the moon to confront the alien menace.  The rangers have a hard time adjusting to each other and the powers they were given, which will cost them dearly. 

The sacrifice was extreme for three Rangers perished in battle for Psycho Green was too strong with his dark powers. The pink, black, and blue Ranger gave their lives to defend the Earth. The Red and Yellow Ranger survived the onslaught of Psycho Green and ensured the longevity of the planet. 

In the aftermath of the mission Zordon disbands the Rangers. Grace and Terona become upset about Zordon’s actions, as the sacrifice was too high for the team. Grace and Terona are stripped of their incredible powers and placed back into society. 

Both artists Daniele Di Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte bring forth incredible artwork that fits the tone and imagination of the Power Ranger mythology. Bright colors consume this comic book, which emphasizes stunning visuals. The action is brought to new dynamics as the Rangers fight evil on the surface of the moon.

The Rangers sport the iconic colors of red, black, blue yellow, and pink giving off a signature look and powers. The details brought to the characters and background is smooth and tactical by staying contained and not becoming too complex. The lines are neat as they portray emotions and body structures amongst the characters. Colors do not blend with each other rather remain solid but provide complementary solutions to display shadow or a light source.  

The conclusion leaves many questions for it is revealed that Grace kept the dagger of Psycho Green to herself without the knowledge of Zordon. What will Grace do with that technology and how does she go on about her life in the aftermath of being a Ranger? Find out as the Power Rangers mythology grows as more secrets are revealed in the constant war of power and conquest. 

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