Mortal Combat! – Iron Fist #79

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Title:  Iron Fist #79

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson 

Artists:  Damian Couceiro, Andy Troy 

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10 

Marvel Comics returns to the arena with bloodshed and martial arts. Daniel Rand, The Iron Fist, struggles to save his friends from the pits of hellfire and torment in Mephisto’s realm. Only the deadly contract can offer a chance to free a person’s tainted soul. In the afterlife nothing is for certain but pain is absolute.  

Ed Brisson raises the obstacles and suspense for Daniel as he encounters the deadly fight tournament in the underworld. Daniel and Fat Cobra encounter Orson Randall, a former Iron Fist. Randall is locked in the twisted contract of D’Kay, a demon fight manager. To save his soul Randall must compete and win twenty-four fights in twenty-four hours. Daniel wishes to intervene in this demonic entertainment but can’t break the power of the deal. 

Daniel’s determination leads him down a rabbit hole, which seems impossible to recover. Now his actions have placed multiple lives in jeopardy and not just his own. The comic offers plenty of action, story twists, and an impactful cliffhanger. The comic executes all story elements well and places the foundation within decent artwork. 

Damian Couceiro and Andy Troy develop a scenic world that fits the martial arts hero while building off the demonic underbelly of organized crime and supernatural elements. 

The colors are solid and sharp being straightforward upon the characters and the respected surroundings. Colors do not often mix or fade together but stands out which makes an appealing visual. The most stressed pigments inside the story are red, orange, black, and yellow. 

Pencil work is clean with heavy thick lines crafting a sharper image to the reader. Everything upon the panels is understandable to identify giving more detail to the forefront with characters while pushing less detail in the background. The images are complete with care utilizing emotional shadow and realistic facial features. 

The conclusion strikes the core of Daniel as more people from his past appear in an attempt to regain their souls through D’Kays contract. Orson now faces Daniel’s long lost sister Miranda Rand-Kai

What will happen for the victor and loser of this staged fight? Will Daniel be able to save both his friend and family in this fatal clash? Find out in the next issues, as Iron Fist must summon all his power to defend the people he cares for at the cost of his own life.

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