Televised Insanity – X-Men Gold #15

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Title:  X-Men Gold #15

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim

Artists:  Diego Bernard 

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.6 

Mojo’s world of orchestrated terror haunts the memories of The X-Men. The teams must destroy the source of the deadly simulations before all perish under the insane televised vision of Mojo’s rule. 

Marc Guggenheim brings out a compelling story. The good points are drawn from the action and the stakes of the situation as Mojo continues to drag the mutants into deadly simulations. The simulations are powerful enough to kill members of the X-Men. Character emotion runs high as the danger grows and friends fall in the line of duty. 

The comic does not linger with one character long enough but rather jumps for one action scene to the next, which may be overwhelming to a point. The powers and abilities projected from each character are displayed in full with clear focus and respect. In the end the story moves forward in smooth transitions leading to the cliffhanger. 

The stand out characters from the comic book are Magneto, Jean Grey, and Kitty Pryde. These characters displayed the most amount of power and leadership in their own right when facing the mighty simulations. 

Diego Bernard crafts vibrant artwork as the mutants battle their most powerful foes throughout time. Beautiful colors reaching every corner of the spectrum create stunning visuals for any reader.  The most prominent colors are red, blue, yellow, and purple. Heavy line work forms complex shapes and character outlines. 

The cliffhanger is decent for the end of this story arc and is nearly complete. The X-Men infiltrate the central command center of Mojo where the mutants will confront their hidden enemy since the beginning of the chaos. 

The finale will conclude this story arc within the X-Men Blue counterpart tile. The comic book accomplished what it set out to do by drawing out the intensity of the situation leading to the soon to be climatic conclusion.  How the X-Men of both teams Blue and Gold face off with Mojo will be broadcasted as the biggest television event for the planet Earth. 

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