War On Everyone – Daredevil #600

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Title:  Daredevil #600

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Charles Soule

Artists:  Ron Garney

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

Daredevil does what he must to save New York City from a corrupted Mayor. Wilson Fisk has fooled the city with his power and influence. Only Daredevil and his team of recruited vigilantes may have a chance of stopping the powerful leader and cleanse the streets forever. 

Charles Soule delivers a chapter that is on all terms masterful in terms of action, character development, and unpredictability. The story itself pins two great adversaries on all levels of conflict both physical and psychological. 

Daredevil leads an ensemble of heroes in the war effort to bring down Mayor Fisk. The team consists of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, and many more as the operation to expose Fisk is at hand. 

In a game of wits and political agenda both Daredevil and Matt Murdock are one step behind in bringing down the one man holding all the cards. When all the heroes are arrested Daredevil finds himself vulnerable to the will of Fisk. When the shackles are clasped the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen fate may be sealed for good. 

The second plot compliments the main story for Blindspot challenges Muse on the rooftops of the city. In the aftermath of this confrontation The Hand becomes involved and invades New York, which effects the main story by going after Daredevil and Wilson Fisk with an unknown agenda but all the same influential and important. 

Ron Garney develops the gritty world of Daredevil with sharp visuals upon the environment and characters. The pencil work is loose and rapid being focused in to bring facial structure and physical attributes. Surroundings share similar line work and solidarity bringing a strong appearance in each panel. 

A wide library of color takes form in the comic; each color pushes the dramatic nature of each scene with full effect. The most notable of hues come in the shape of red, black, yellow, and blue. 

A good source of light is relevant upon each character giving off different shades on their costumes to implement more subtle realism but maintaining a cartoon style. Overall the artwork does wonders for the storyline and atmosphere, which are both needed to set it aside from average comics to reach a new level of storytelling.

 The conclusion brings depth and more suspense as to what will happen in future events for Daredevil and his fellow masked heroes. When a political loophole gives Matt Murdock the status of active Mayor how will he maintain his secret identity when the authorities are watching closely? What is The Hand after as they bring havoc to New York and its people? Find out in further installments of comic book issues, as New York once again turns into a warzone in the endless battle of good and evil.

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