Protectors of the Planet – Power Rangers #21

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Title:  Power Rangers #21

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writers:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:   Jonas Scharf

Story Rating: 7

Art Rating: 8

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating:  8.3

The Power Rangers expand their circle of trust as the Rangers team up with Grace Sterling.  Grace provides the Rangers with the tools to counteract the humanoid monsters created by Finster. 

Kyle Higgins takes the Rangers to the far reaches of governmental funding. Grace Sterling calls upon the Rangers for her global network of cutting edge science has discovered a way to track the hidden monsters amongst the world. 

The Rangers are taken to Promethea, a city developed by the government and cutting edge science. Once in Promethea the Rangers learn Grace’s plan to save the Earth. She found a way to track the human monsters before they transform and terrorize the planet. The comic ends with the Power Rangers being cautious about working with civilians, even a former Ranger. 

The good points of the comic come in the form of action and exposition. The plot is understandable and questions are answered immediately and do not drag too much on useless information. Therefore, the comic is a simple read from start to finish. 

Jonas Scharf takes on a more heavy art style bringing dark outlines and sharp colors throughout the comic book. Ink amplifies the physical proportions of characters while detail lines are limited. Each character has been drawn in a simple style and is not presented with complex angles and individualism. 

Solid colors complete the appearance of the rangers and the other visuals within the book. Shades of color do not blend together or mix to create drastic fades. Everything on the page is straightforward and does not hold a significant impact as the story moves through its plot points. 

In the end of the comic book the Rangers understand the scope of the danger that lurks over the world. The Rangers team up with Grace Sterling using her monster-tracking device to take down undercover monsters. Another glimmer of hope arrives as Alpha 5 and Saba manage to recover a connection with Zordon and bring him back from his time dimension. The adventure continues in further issues of the Power Rangers.  

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