Forbidden Technique – Iron Fist #80

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Title:  Iron Fist #80 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson 

Artists:  Damian Couceiro, Andy Troy 

Story Rating:  10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics completes the story arc of Daniel Rand, The Iron Fist, in the pits of hell for a fight for the soul leads to great triumph and loss. 

Ed Brisson develops new twists and turns in an all out battle between good and evil in the resources of hell. In an impulsive act Iron Fist brings it upon himself to save his friends Orson Randall and half sister Miranda Rand- Kai. 

Daniel puts his own life and Fat Cobra’s in the ring to settle the contract of D’Kay, in an all out battle royal against the remaining fighters the Legion of Vengeance

In the midst of battle our heroes were losing the fight until Orson Randall made the ultimate sacrifice. In defeating the remaining demons Iron Fist, Fat Cobra, and Miranda managed to keep their souls and escape Hotel Inferno with their lives. 

The comic book offers closure and completion to the small portion inside the larger storyline Doctor Strange: Damnation. The character development with Iron Fist is important as the action and stakes moves the story forward. 

The artwork was handled with care and focus as Damian Couceiro and Andy Troy came together to shape a world full of danger, death, and color. 

Inside this comic brings strong captions of ink and heavy pencil work. Dark outlines project characters to the forefront of the page. Body language and movement take every scene when dealing with combative situations and mixed martial arts.   

Solid colors are displayed throughout the story with some exceptions of mixed hues and tones. Overall every shade pops with purpose either highlighting danger or the world around the characters with strong strands of red, orange, black, and yellow. 

The conclusion is satisfactory for it completed the circumstances to its full outcome. Therefore, the ending doesn’t leave anything to be desired for all questions to be answered. Iron Fist will continue to fight for justice in the future of Marvel Comics but will return to the main storyline of Doctor Strange: Damnation. 

What will Daniel Rand face next in Sin City? Will his efforts combined with the other supernatural heroes be enough to save the world from damnation? Find out in further issues, as the warrior of Kun Lun strikes evil with fists of the dragon.

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