Rotten Apples – Spawn #283

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Title:   Spawn #283

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writers:  Todd McFarlane

Artists:  Szymon Kudranski, Fco Plascencia

Story Rating:  6

Art Rating:  9

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating:  8.6

Image Comics returns with Spawn in the aftermath of Tokyo, Japan, a new adventure begins for the dark avenger. The war to come is on the verge of erupting as Spawn seeks to destroy the unknown forces prepared to steal Cyan’s power. 

Todd McFarlane delivers suspense and world building through subtle exposition. Al Simmons investigates the forces of darkness through rap star Bonz Chillin. A being from the underworld disguised as a human. 

Spawn uses Bonz Chillin for information about the activities of the supernatural world and events yet to come for himself and Cyan. Together Spawn and Bonz Chillin travel to New York City in doing so cause a massive scene leading all eyes on Al Simmons.  

The remainder of the comic book is lacking for the majority is on building up for future endeavors. Therefore, nothing from the second to third act is impactful or pivotal toward the story as whole for this single issue. 

Szymon Kudranski and Fco Plascencia create unique visuals with creative structure and atmosphere in the makings of Spawn. Pencil work is stylized to be realistic with strong depictions of physical appearances upon facial structure and muscle tone. 

The lines are thin and do not overstep with excessive pencil streaks. Every panel has a complete image easy to understand with body language and movement. 

Colors inside this comic are executed well with depictions of dark ink, shading, and blended hues. Panels involving shadow betray more dark elements with heavy line work and cool colors being black, green, blue and grey.  

In story points during the day brighter colors take over to create the atmosphere and proper portrayal of the environment. Main hues of orange, red, white, and yellow are present during the times of day within the story. 

The subtle transitions create a realistic formality of time. Together both artists bring forth Spawn in a familiar yet new direction in terms of tone and action. 

The comic leaves many unanswered questions but the overall result between the three acts isn’t very compelling. The new chapters are just beginning for Spawn as he journeys through unknown territory preparing for an enemy no mere mortal can foresee. Al Simmons shall continue to fight the forces of darkness as the dark avenger Spawn.  

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