Month: December 2020

In The Name of The King – Once & Future #1

Title: Once & Future #1 Publisher: Boom! Studios Writers: Kieron Gillen Artists: Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain Story Rating: 10 Art Rating: 10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 Boom! Studios unlocks the famous legend of King Arthur with an evil twist. A fantasy epic that bleeds from our world to another plain of existence. An

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A God Emerges! – X-Men Gold #18

Title:  X-Men Gold #18 Publisher:  Marvel Comics Writers:  Marc Guggenheim Artists:  Ken Lashley Story Rating:  10  Art Rating:  10 Color Rating:  10  Overall Rating: 10 Marvel Comics goes back to the surface of Dartayus as supreme leader Kologoth sits in the seat of power. The X-Men must save their allies Kitty Pryde and NightCrawler before

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Lord Drakkon Awaits – Power Rangers #23

Title:  Power Rangers #23 Publisher:   Boom! Studios Writers:  Kyle Higgins Artists:  Jonas Scharf, Joana Lafuente Story Rating: 8 Art Rating: 7 Color Rating: 9 Overall Rating:  8 The Power Rangers continue their efforts to save the planet from the endless agents of Finster’s plan. In the midst of the unlikely partnership the Rangers question

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