Death All Around Me – Daredevil #601

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Daredevil # 601

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Charles Soule

Artists: Mike Henderson, Matt Milla

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics dives into the heart of New York as Daredevil must survive the onslaught of ninjas invading the city. Mayor Wilson Fisk is out of commission hanging on to dear life. Matthew Murdock the newly appointed Mayor of New York is the only one capable of retaliating against, The Hand. 

Charles Soule manages to interlock everything he has built over the course of several comics. The circumstances are unpredictable yet satisfied in the execution of the narrative. 

Daredevil could not fight the legions of ninjas swarming the city and offered a more political approach. Matthew Murdock assumes his place of power in the Mayor’s office. His first act as Mayor releases the superheroes from Ryker’s Island, the superhuman prison. 

The combined might of Spider-Man, The Defenders, Moon Knight, and the other super powered heroes step up to take back the city from supernatural chaos. The Beast is making moves behind the curtain only time will tell of the beings true intentions. 

Mike Henderson and Matt Milla forge powerful imagery that shapes the tone and narrative. The artistic style that comes across the page is full of cartoonish and realistic qualities. Pencil work is neat offering plenty of detail upon the characters bringing out emotion and facial structure.  

The tone and atmosphere of the comic comes in full view with strands of shadow, dark, ink, and color fades. The background is straightforward with colors one solid hue or complementary to the forefront with characters.

Some transitions are glowing which grab the eye in subtle ways. The most notable of colors are red, black, blue, and brown.  
In the end the Hand has a hidden agenda behind their full-scale invasion. With the superheroes being released will they be enough to reverse the damage being done to the city? Find out as our heroes go to war with the Hand in further issues as the story continues in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. 

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