Never Ending Battle – Power Rangers #22

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Title:  Power Rangers #22

Publisher:  Boom! Studios

Writers:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:  Jonas Scharf

Story Rating:  6

Art Rating:  7

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  7.6 

The Power Rangers continue to partner with Grace Sterling in Promethea over the mission to save the world. Once Zordon returns the rangers feel confident in stopping the humanoid monsters that stalk the streets of the planet. 

Kyle Higgns created an informative comic where nothing relatively crucial takes place. The first act offered something special when Rita Repulsa made a deal with the powerful Wizard of Deception. The Wizard will build a weapon for Rita to use against the Power Rangers. The exchange is never explored further and washed over with useless information following the second and third act of the comic book. 

The comic book lacks numerous qualities in terms of action, story, and artwork. Subplots within the story do not contribute to the main plot and are deemed worthless. Social interactions between Tommy and Kimberly are not needed for they talk about their potential romantic relationship and mixed feelings for each other. 

Zordon was built up over the course of the last previous issues but is not utilized for his wisdom once he returns. This decision dims the significance of Zordon and makes his character unwanted or not needed now or in further issues.  

Another missed opportunity comes from the interaction between Saba and Finster. The white tiger sword visits the monster creator and offers a deal of peace inside a dimensional prison. Finster refuses the offer and the two parts ways. 

Jonas Scharf displays artwork that is basic and simple, which does not offer anything outstanding or dramatic to force the reader to continue with the comic book. 

He uses solid color, dark, ink, and technical shading to attempt a unique style but plays it safe and short.  The artwork as a whole is complete but bland, which takes away what was built in previous issues of the comic book title. 

Thick lines highlight the outlines and background of the book. Each scene is understandable but has the potential to be more complex. The Rangers sport their respective colors following the superhero persona. Colors do not blend or fade to create glossy effects and panels are not dramatic to enforce emotional connections. 

The conclusion made the most compelling point of the story for the Rangers teleport off to fight the newest threat out of Finster’s humanoid monsters. 

Grace is hiding a secret from the Rangers but in the end it’s too late to drop crucial information unless foreshadowed from the beginning. Otherwise one will not care of what potential information Grace may be keeping secret. 

A contradiction has fallen over the story for Promethea claimed and displayed technology capable of predicting the transformation time for sleeper monsters. Therefore, Higgins chooses to abandon the rules he built for this comic book world. 

The previous issues within the franchise managed to be overall better in terms of story, art, and action. The current direction will only lead readers to walk away from a franchise full of potential. 

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