Vampire Nation – Twilight Grimm #1

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Title: Twilight Grimm #1

Publisher: Silverline Comics

Writers: R.A. Jones

Artists: Rob Davis, Mickey Clausen

Story Rating: 6

Art Rating: 7

Color Rating: 7

Overall Rating: 6.67

Silverline Comics enters the supernatural with a lone vampire hunter and his name is Twilight Grimm. A story of fear and survival as people are exiled to the abandoned streets of Hallowed Heights. The Southside complex of the city is known to all as Vampire Nation. A place where the undead roam free with no rules and all must survive by any means necessary.

We follow Suzi Q as a petty criminal she is thrust into this world of bloodsuckers as her actions caused her exile from the city. Now, forced into the streets of monsters she must learn to fight and survive when she meets the famous vampire hunter Twilight Grimm. The stakes grow higher as our heroes learn about the immediate attack as the vampires plan to rule over all humans.

Rob Davis creates the artwork behind the world of Twilight Grimm with a style that holds a throwback or vintage technique. The line work is simple with heavy outlines creating a strong complete image for the characters and background. The majority of the focus is on the characters leaving the background behind with no detail of basic structures.

The color artists behind the horror comic book is Mickey Clausen. He provides a wide range of blended and solid colors for both characters and background. The skin tone can be highlighted for the light source reflects which portion of the face moves from lighter to darker pigments. The majority of color is solid but the environment tends to fade creating time of day. Yellow is the strongest color presented with the comic, along with blue and black.

Follow Silverline Comics as Twilight Grimm and Suzie Q take on the undead. Will Twilight Grimm save all humans or suffer a tragic fate? What other threats will our heroes face? How far does the vampire corruption go in the city? Witness the endless thirst for blood grow stronger as night falls the monsters emerge from the shadows.

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