Lord Drakkon Awaits – Power Rangers #23

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Title:  Power Rangers #23

Publisher:   Boom! Studios

Writers:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:  Jonas Scharf, Joana Lafuente

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating: 7

Color Rating: 9

Overall Rating:  8

The Power Rangers continue their efforts to save the planet from the endless agents of Finster’s plan. In the midst of the unlikely partnership the Rangers question their position working with Grace Sterling and the government. 

Kyle Higgins sparks tensions between the Rangers and Grace Sterling as the government methods of justice become unorthodox.  In an act to safe a town from a monster level threat Grace and the government hold people in captivity until a monster is found. 

The Rangers disagree with the practice leading to more investigation of the organization. Billy uncovers a secret hidden deep inside the Promethea facility that can shatter the brief partnership.

In the sublevel chamber Lord Drakkon awaits in the dark linked to technical devices. One can say he may return to full power provided the constant energy coursing through his body. 

The good points from the issue come from the foreshadowing for things to arrive in the future. Finster escapes his prison and rejoins Rita Repulsa and her associates of evil on the moon. The discovery of Lord Drakkon compels the reader to learn more about the future of the Power Rangers when evil is gathering for a second coming. 

Jonas Scharf and Joana Lafuente provide the comic book with artwork that is complete and straightforward. Dark thick lines take over the outlines and shapes of the characters and background.  

The Rangers sport solid color in their appearance followed by heavy ink to employ detail or emphasis on visors or muscle tone. Dark ink is scare with color taking the majority of the comic. Colors do not blend or mix together, which most cases can bring strong tones and hues. 

Everything inside the comic is contained and basic, which does not provide any ambition or desire to be iconic. Personality is missing from the art, which stuns the potential to grow. Pencil work remains safe rather than amplifying panel movement, emotion, and action. 

The end of the comic provides the excellent cliffhanger by brining back one of the most prominent villains to emerge to power in previous issues of the series. With Drakkon’s presence inside the Promethea campus facility what are the true intentions of Grace as she holds this secret from the rangers?

Will this hidden enemy ever rise to power again? What will Rita Repulsa and her associates do now that they are reunited within the moon castle? Find out as the champions of evil grow in strength to bring an end to the Power Rangers. 

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