First Lesson, White Belt – Iron Fist #1

Danny Rand travels the world to find his true power!

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Title:  Iron Fist #1

Publisher:  Marvel Comics 

Writers:  Ed Brisson 

Artists:  Mike Perkins , Andy Troy 

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating: 8

Overall Rating:  9.3

Marvel Comics enters the world of bloodshed and martial arts. Daniel Rand the Immortal Iron Fist has lost his connection to the ultimate chi of, Shou Lao, the Red Dragon. In a blind effort to reclaim this power Danny sets out on the world to find those worthy of his skills. 

Ed Brisson writes a powerful narrative in the scope of Danny Rand as he finds his true self. In an underground world of street fighting a mysterious figure comes forth through the darkness. Choshin, a man of technique and skill, offers an invitation to the broken warrior to the deadliest  tournament on the planet. Danny travels to the mysterious island of Liu-Shi. 

Mike Perkins sets the stage with a gritty world wrapped with heavy line work, outlines, and realism. Characters are given distinct facial features and physical structures. People stand out and do not blend in with the background. During the action blood and bodily harm is impactful as bones realistically snap and skin becomes bruised. Danny becomes immersed in the underground of bare knuckle brawling.

Andy Troy color pallet creates a powerful combination with Mike’s illustrations. A background of pink and orange hues take shape. While the majority of the colors remain cool or heavy with black and grey blends. Overall the appearance seems murky but gives a perfect unforgiving mood.

Follow the warrior of Kun Lun as he forges his destiny and the path to redemption. Marvel Comics will explore the lore of martial arts and The Immortal Iron Fist. Knuckles will bleed and kung fu will flourish in this martial arts epic.

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