A God Emerges! – X-Men Gold #18

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X-Men Gold #18

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim

Artists:  Ken Lashley

Story Rating:  10 

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics goes back to the surface of Dartayus as supreme leader Kologoth sits in the seat of power. The X-Men must save their allies Kitty Pryde and NightCrawler before Kologoth initiates his impending plans of death and absolution. 

Marc Guggenheim continues to raise the stakes as Dartayus continues to suffer from the rage of war. Kologoth makes a deal with the X-Men outsiders by releasing his prisoner Kitty Pryde for the mutants have the power to interrupt his schemes for domination. 

In the turn of events the X-Men battle Kologoth and his troops to a stand still when the ultimate weapon arrives. From the mountains comes a being of savage nature aimed to claim the lands he once knew not as a mortal but a God. 

Good points with the comic come in the form of artwork, action, and story. The story is understandable for everything is explained in subtle manners between character interactions. 

Action is engaging and brutal, highlighted with immense color and knowledge of the individual powers within each X-Men member. The storyline itself remains unpredictable pushing the circumstances more in favor of danger and evil rather the heroes of this dire adventure.

Ken Lashley unlocks the full potential of his artistic talents for the artwork drives the focus of the story. Techniques of solid shapes and crisp detail lines while remaining contained displays care within the final image.  Every panel is inviting and offers directional movement to propel the eyes forward to the next page. 

Color choice is direct and bold switching from different blends whether in the surrounding areas or upon the surface of characters representing flesh and skin. Mutant abilities and powers bring flair and strength to the X-Men as they are caught in this war of alien politics in the far ends of the universe. 

Manifestations of rich blue, red, purple, yellow, and black breathe life into the comic book. Together the creative minds of both Guggenheim and Lashley managed to combine their efforts in forging a pinnacle in the X-Men legacy. 

The final pages of the book present a cliffhanger that compels the reader to know more in further issues of this storyline. Kologoth takes the advantage over the X-Men by resurrecting the God SCYTHIAN. 

The God towers over the planet Dartayus as his power is yet to be revealed. What awaits the X-Men against this deity with abilities long lost to the Negative Zone? Find out as the story unfolds when the mutants fight to survive under the eye of the mighty SCYTHIAN. 

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