Government Shackles – Spawn #285

Spawn versus the United States Government.

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Spawn #285

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Todd McFarlane

Artists: Jason Shawn Alexander

Story Rating: 5

Art Rating: 6

Color Rating: 6

Overall Rating: 5.6 

The dark avenger Spawn continues his plight against the United States government suffering from horrendous amounts of torture and discomfort for a hidden end goal. His determination is absolute for Spawn will not expose his true identity to anyone unless the unthinkable happens. 

Todd McFarlane writes the inner scope of the justice system. The world has painted Spawn as a potential threat as the news and media fear the worst of the unknown. 

The comic does not offer any form of explanation for the actions of previous issues. A lack of urgency befalls the comic with the only focus of trying to discover Spawn’s identity. Therefore, no stakes are given or a call to action. 

Jason Shawn Alexander takes lead in the foundation of dark and gritty panels and exaggerated limbs and panel angles. Pencil work is loose, wild, and sporadic leading to a dark atmosphere. In the same instance the art can be conceived as unappealing, rushed, or incomplete in presentation. 

Outlines are thick and bold to draw focus on characters while sharing small portions of realism being detail upon the face or physical appearance. 

The colors inside the book remain cool and murky, which complements the tone of the story. A story set on darker interpersonal connections. The main hues to come from the book are black, grey, brown, and white. 

Jason contrived a place where little hope remains and the human spirit continues to dwindle in the face of an oppressor. Each scene projects layers of emotion 

The ending of the comic book is nothing too impactful. Spawn is plunged further into the justice system under maximum security. His endgame is to extract information from someone who is placed inside the exact same facility. What will Spawn discover and why is this information so crucial? Find out in further issues as the dark avenger draws closer to completing his mission. In the endless war of heaven and hell no one is safe under Al Simmons wrath.

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