Quest For Power – Power Rangers #24

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Title:  Power Rangers #24

Publishers:  Boom! Studios

Writers:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:  Jonas Scharf, Joana Lafuente 

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 8

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 9

The Power Rangers are crumbling at the core. Rita Repulsa’s return and Finster’s monsters overwhelm the Earth in destruction. The final straw of trust is broken between the Rangers and the government. In the end no one will benefit in the aftermath. 

Kyle Higgins sets the course of events forward for the upcoming battle with Lord Drakkon. His return is now complete as he journeys into the unknown gathering his once lost powers. 

Tensions run high for the Rangers and fellow allies Zordon, Alpha, and Saba. In a heroic attempt gone wrong Saba’s action caused the plans of potential destruction in motion. Lord Drakkon escapes his captivity underneath the Promethea headquarters.  Upon his escape opens a dimensional portal and leaves the Earth and disappears without a trace. 

The comic is good in building the danger leading to more issues in the future. Another point would be the character development between Grace Sterling and the Power Rangers. The work relationship from both groups has been interesting to view and now has reached a sudden conclusion. 

Jonas Scharf and Joana Lafuente together make an array of structure and color. The images within the comic book were complete with heavy ink and thick lines. Basic in form everything on the panel was understandable while color becomes the key element in providing story tone, character representation, and action.  

Dark cool color resulting in grey, black, and blue took the majority of the issue to create a menacing atmosphere. Joana’s use of color complements the basic structure built with Scharf’s solid pencil work. 

The cliffhanger leaves a dark future for the Power Rangers for Lord Drakkon has escaped captivity and has possession of the morphing grid. Where will Lord Drakkon travel back to, his own dimension or other places in the universe? Find out as the Rangers combat the forces of Drakkon and Rita Repulsa in the next biggest chapter for the teenagers with attitude!

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