Femme Fatale – Daredevil #603

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Title: Daredevil #603

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Charles Soule

Artists: Mike Henderson, Matt Milla

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

In the heart of Hell’s Kitchen Mayor Matthew Murdock makes moves to save the city. The Hand has infiltrated the city and runs the streets under The Beast. The people of New York barricade themselves as blades and bloodshed clash through the night.

In these dark times Charles Soule brings focus to Daredevil as both hero and politician, for he must form unlikely alliances to ensure the survival of everyone. While the other heroes are protecting their own territories from the Beast’s deadly assault a new plan takes shape. Daredevil finds the deadly assassin Elektra in the heat of battle and a deal is struck. The two warriors will fight side by side to take back the night against their prolonged enemy.

In the seat of political power and Wilson Fisk’s life in the balance. Mayor Murdock calls upon the cities most prominent criminals Diamondback, Black Cat, Owl, and Hammerhead to defend the people and take back their home. The comic book continues to follow its previous issues by delivering on suspense and action. Scenarios are ever evolving as Daredevil must adapt or die to survive this undead nightmare.

Mike Henderson comes forth with a gritty perspective as the streets and shadows of nightfall are grim and macabre. The line work is sharp with heavy outlines and simple detail. Mike’s style has a cartoonish presence that is unique but notable when viewing the comic book. Details are used when needed and not excessive to a fault. Therefore, everything on the page comes across as smart and calculated.

Matt Milla finishes the vision for both Mike and Charles with dynamic color. Mike understands the making of light sources when dealing with skin tone and time of day. The strongest colors that peak the attention are black, red, and lime green. The majority of colors remain solid in nature upon characters but a faint blend can be seen with the background, a fade from purple to blue, or a pale green to yellow.

Follow Daredevil as he forges new partnerships with heroes and villains as they take back New York. Who else will emerge in this time of crisis? Will the other heroes manage to reunite with Daredevil? What are obstacles will The Beast put before Daredevil and Matthew Murdock? Find out in the next chapter as the danger only grows worse for The Man Without Fear!

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