The Seven Masters – Iron Fist #2

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Title: Iron Fist #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Ed Brisson

Artists: Mike Perkins, Andy Troy

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics brings us back to another edition of martial arts fury. Danny Rand continues his pursuit for the lost chi of Shou Lao, the Red Dragon. To regain his title of the Immortal Iron Fist.

Upon Choshin’s invitation he arrives on the shores of the island Liu-Shi. Once there he succumbs to the sacred trials of the Seven Masters.

Danny must defeat all seven sacred temples of Kung Fu. The champions of each temple being the EEL, Rat, Snake, Rabbit, Bull, Bear, and Wolf. If Danny defeats a champion he will gain their sacred chi and replenish his divine power. This will be Danny’s greatest challenge and must summon all his skills to survive this deadly tournament.

Mike Perkins continues to build the world around our hero. By leaving the city streets we enter the jungle with lush vegetation and water. A gritty look is still present with heavy line work providing solid outlines.

Mike brings a realistic style with his art with anatomically correct character profiles. Every face and muscle structure is distinct with noticeable differences. The action itself follows physical movement with proud martial arts technique.

Andy Troy instills powerful color from light and dark spectrums. The time of day influences the prominent color on the page.

Sharp blue during the day with water and sunshine gives a brighter effect. When night falls a hue of yellows and pinks surrounds the area and creates a mood of uneasiness. Anything can be lurking in the jungle who knows what new danger may emerge.

Follow Danny as he fights for his life on this mystical island. What secrets do the ancient temples hold? What other plans does Choshin have for Danny? How powerful are these champions of Kung Fu? Find out as everything is on the line in this martial arts epic.

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