Knights of the Round Table – Once & Future #2

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Title: Once & Future #2

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writers: Kieron Gillen

Artists: Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Boom! Studios revives the mystic legend in the latest chapter of Once & Future. The resurrection ritual is complete and the lost King Arthur returns to his dark throne. In a blood sacrifice his forces grow and summons his new dead Knights of the Round Table.

Kieron Gillen writes powerful suspense as Duncan and Gran race across the land to stop Elaine and her group of extremists. Inside Arthur’s tomb the scabbard of old was placed next to the decomposed King, in a flash of mystic air Arthur rises from beyond the grave.

The extremists kneel before their new monarch and are transformed to soldiers of the damned. Elaine advises King Arthur to begin a new reign for Great Britain and the world. In every passing moment the King grows in power and strength. Now, with very few weapons Duncan and Gran arrive to come face to face with Arthur and his court of evil.

Dan Mora illustrates the foundation of supernatural horror as swords and shields arise from lands beyond. Sharp line work is present on the page. The characters and background hold unique standing and complements the state of the story. Dan illustrates with a steady hand for each line has purpose in creating action or emotion.

Tamra Bonvillain executes vibrant color and great mood for the reader. The strongest visuals come in the form of night when the magic flourishes. Deep blue surrounds the characters with shadow and mood giving a sense of mystery. Powerful green and pink becomes present when highlighting King Arthur’s power and rising of the dead. Red becomes the most dominant color when death befalls certain characters. Blood bursts across the page to intensify the horrific nature of the monsters. Therefore, the comic book keeps the reader immersed in a twisted fantasy.

Continue to follow this epic journey as Duncan and Gran must fight to survive the night and save the world. What will our heroes encounter next? Will the grand sorcerer Merlin make an appearance? How powerful will Arthur become? Find out in the following chapters as the rabbit hole goes further into enchanted madness.

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