Misfit Heroes – Beowulf #1

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Title: Beowulf #1

Publisher: Monarch Publishing

Writers: Grant Lankard

Artists: Antonio Brandao, Roy Moon

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating: 7

Color Rating: 8

Overall Rating: 7.6

A new journey beings from Medieval Times and transfers hundreds of years into the 21st Century. Monarch Publishing creates a new twist on the legend of Beowulf. An unlikely hero will step forth to stop the impending doom being a mighty Dragon.

Writer Grant Lankard creates a blend of fantasy, comedy, and adventure for this story. When a powerful dragon emerges, Hazel and her mystic cat Mooney must find the warrior to take on this deadly foe.

Mooney the cat reveals its true self by talking and performing powerful sorcery. After a magical spell Hazel and Mooney find dead beat writer Victor Sigurd, an unmotivated stoner who can’t keep a job. Now, destiny falls upon this human as this misfit trio must save the city and eventually the world.

The artwork behind the world of Beowulf is from the mind of Antonio Brandao. The style of illustration is simplistic being very straightforward an easy to visualize. The characters and background hold enough detail to complete an image and doesn’t overwhelm the reader. Dark outlines and simple shapes make the foundation of every panel.

The colorist to enhance the illustrations is Roy Moon. The strongest points of color come in the pigments of red, black, and blue. Points of major action display the prominent colors, which do not necessarily blend or mix but stay solid. Therefore, everything the reader will experience will being appealing upon the turn of each page.

Will this new band of heroes be able to slay the mighty dragon? What other fantasy beings or creatures will the group encounter? Will Victor find the strength to commit to his new role? How is Mooney the cat able to talk? Find out in this new fantasy series by Monarch Publishing as creatures, quips, and a magic cat make waves on the comic book scene.

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