Blood Sport – Iron Fist #3

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Title: Iron Fist #3

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Ed Brisson

Artists: Mike Perkins, Andy Troy

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

The Trial of the Seven Masters continues as Danny Rand fights for his life. He is out to prove he is the champion of mystical city Kun Lun and the Immortal Iron Fist. On the tropical island of Liu-Shi Danny reaches the third round of the tournament.

Ed Brisson creates action and suspense for Danny encounters a powerful new combatant. From the Temple of the Snake a warrior of define speed with no arms steps up to Danny. In the shadows treacherous Choshin sets events in motion to cut down Danny bending the rules of the tournament. Choshin’s actions may cause a powerful uproar within the council of masters.

Mike Perkins steps into the ring to bring out realistic artwork with a heavy hand. Dark outlines forge the structures of the environment and characters. His focus highlights the gritty nature in this underground martial arts world.

Facial structures bring out real emotion as characters interact whether they are fighting or talking amongst themselves. Pain, fear, and rage are very clear to the reader as each fight amps up the stakes to Danny’s misson. Blood is spilled and bones crack in this defining blood sport.

Andy Troy follows Mike’s lead and crafts a fitting color pallet that lays over the foundation of line work. The jungle offers an exotic look as the vegetation and night shadows create a hauting atmosphere. Warriors and assassins lurk in the night as strong colors of black, pink, and red shape the action. A powerful hue of orange cuts through everything when Danny activates his mighty chi of Red Dragon, Shao Lao.

Will Danny survive against this new Snake champion? What lengths will Choshin go to preserve his goals for Liu-Shi? What new foes will Danny have to face in order to complete his relentless quest? Follow these warriors into the ring for everything is on the line as they live by the martial arts and die by the martial arts.

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