The People VS. Mutants – X-Men Gold #22

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Title:  X-Men Gold #22

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim

Artists:  Diego Bernard

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10 

The X-Men have fallen into dark times for once believed a mission of mercy turned into a misunderstanding. The mutants in the eyes of the public betrayed the people and must be incarcerated. The Brotherhood has defeated the X-Men in an elaborate plan enforced by a hidden politician. 

Marc Guggenheim takes the story into a new change of pace for the actions of the X-Men have dire consequences. In an attempt to save Lydia Nance and the people from the Brotherhood the X-Men succumb to mind manipulation. 

In the midst of battle Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm and the rest of the team encounter enemies from the past. When the fight continues a realization befalls the team. Mesmero, a powerful telepath, created mere illusions over the minds of the X-Men causing them to fight the innocent and the police. As the fight ceased the mutants walked away from the scene in handcuffs. 

The comic is gripping with questions, which leads to more exploration with the story. Marc creates suspense as to what fate will the X-Men encounter as their team has been arrested and the Brotherhood have disappeared off the radar.  

Diego Bernard offers plenty of artwork that is neat in portraying the X-Men in the most respectable fashion. Pencil work is layered with a steady hand for detail is placed when necessary otherwise color takes over the final appearance.

Environments do not hold an abundance of color or shape, as the majority of panels are character focused. The panels create movement as the story continues shifting the eyes from one page to the next. The comic book utilizes color with different tones and blends to maximize the portrayal of action, physical appearance, and unique powers. Dark ink combined with the costumes of the characters displays the fantastic and iconic symbolisms of good versus evil. 

In conclusion the issue is complete with a solid cliffhanger. More problems are heading for the X-Men as a previous adversary will make his return and his powers are Godlike. Witness the X-Men as they deal with the imminent hardships brought to them in further issues as the political tensions grow amongst humans and mutants.

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