The Man From Oblivion – Kayless #1

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Title: Kayless #1

Publisher: Silverline Comics

Writers: Brent Larson

Artists: Luis Czerniawski, Leandro Huergo

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Silverline Comics brings a new science fiction tale shrouded within mystery. A man who hailed from the sky and walked through fire brings a message of immediate danger. The knowledge of operation “Kayless” will determine the fate of the human race.

Brent Larson writes a powerful piece of suspense, mystery, and action as a larger story unfolds for the reader. One that slowly builds with multiple pathways keeping the reader focused on what will happen next. Colonel Scott Anders of the United States Marines inserts himself in the highest powers of government on the planet.

Scott a man who disappeared and is a complete ghost to all has vital information that will give the people of the world a fighting chance from a hidden enemy. In acts of pure conflict Scott demonstrates super human abilities from surviving gun shots to explosions.

The dynamic artwork with realism tension comes from the vision of Luis Czerniawski. Deep outlines and raw emotion is present upon characters and environmental objects. The most explosive moment comes within the first pages as Scott falls from outer space and crash lands on Earth. His face is filled with future shock and fear of his new surroundings. Characters carry heavy detail highlighting the movement and action as the story progresses.

Leandro Huergo is the colorist for the comic book and matches the skills of Luis. Every panel is filled with rich color bringing focus to the danger, light source, and points in time. Vibrant colors come in red, orange, and blue a combination of this opens with a satellite crash through space. The sun brings light to portions of skin brining necessary shadow upon characters faces. The background always has a contributing color whether its blue neon light in a store, the sun outside a window projecting orange, or a blue sky filled with stars.

Silverline Comics will continue to follow Colonel Anders as the mystery unfolds in a race against time. The story will lead down a dangerous path offering all who venture an odyssey of science fiction, supernatural, and the unknown.

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