Order of The Dragon – Daredevil #604

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Title: Daredevil #604

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Charles Soule,

Artists: Mike Henderson, Matt Milla

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics goes back to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen as Mayor Matt Murdock fights for his life. The chaos continues as The Hand and The Beast infect the people with poison and violence. A powerful priest in the name of Father Jordan wades through the evil in order to save the life of Mayor Murdock. Jordan with his roots of religious might banishes the poison from Mayor Murdock and brings a legion of ancient warriors.

Charles Soule explores the lineage of The Order of The Dragon, a guild of knights who have fought against supernatural evil for centuries. Father Jordan and the knights team up with Daredevil to stop the undying threat over the city. The stakes are very high within the comic book as the people of New York hang by a thread. Daredevil and Father Jordan take charge on the plan to wipe out The Beast and his fortress of ninjas.

The artwork is lead by Mike Henderson who continues his style of sharp lines and dark details. Mike creates subtle details when designing characters and physical structures. The shape of facial appearances is distinct between each person. Action scenes are dynamic as the knights fight against hordes of ninjas under the rule of The Beast.

Matt Milla takes control of the color pallet making the atmosphere uneasy being filled with danger and mystery. Giant clouds of lime green poison and vibrant street lights bring life to the comic book. The surroundings complement each other with radiant depictions of red, blue, and green are the most powerful to the reader. Therefore, everything captures the reader’s attention as the story continues to deliver one twist after another.

The cliffhanger leads up to the upcoming final confrontation with The Hand and The Beast. The war for New York City is about to reach its final peak within the storyline. Follow Marvel Comics as the Man Without Fear battles the forces of darkness on the rooftops, the streets, and fortresses of chaos to bring forth a better tomorrow.

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