Hidden Scares – Cat & Mouse #2

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Title: Cat & Mouse #2

Publisher: Silverline Comics

Writers: Roland Mann

Artists: Dean Zachary, Alex Gallimore, Kevin Gallegly

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Brett Huffman continues his fight against the silver eyed Widowmaker and her cult of trained assassins. Silverline Comics reveals a world of the supernatural as our hero encounters a being beyond this world and the roots of pain that lie within the organization.

Roland Mann writes a focal point toward Bobbi and her dark past that lead to the life of blades and violence under the Widowmaker. When her sister moved away Bobbi was placed into foster care when her nightmare began, being abused by her foster father she ran away to the city of New Orleans. Upon arrival she finds the Widowmaker and trains to utilize her hate as a weapon.

Brett committed to his mission refuses to let Bobbi succumb to the underworld lifestyle. In an effort to liberate her from the fortress a battle ensues. Surrounded by ninjas Brett escapes the femme fatales and encounters a monster, a demon, a man of mystery. The demon known as Keith, sporting a trench coat he sticks to the shadows and trails into the night.

The artists behind this book are pencillers Dean Zachary and Alex Gallimore. Together they each provide their own style in different portions of the book. This method provides a showcase scenario of each creators abilities behind the page of the comic.

Dean uses dark outlines with quick detailing providing a bold look, which lends itself over to realism. The strongest details are amongst the characters leaving the background subtle when the readers attention is on the forefront.

A formula that works in tandem with Dean’s eye is Alex Gallimore’s work. A staple to have thin outlines and strong emotion in the face of characters during the action scenes. Quick detail lines highlight shadow and physical attributes. Therefore, the comic keeps the atmosphere and momentum from the beginning to the end.

Kevin Gallegly is responsible for the color pallet projected within the panels. The mood is one of mystery and suspense as the clan operates in the night. Depictions of black, grey, and red are the main colors within the book. Kevin creates noticeable light sources whether its under moonlight on the skin or highlights of flesh tones upon character faces.

Follow Silverline Comics as Brett continues his fight in the city of jazz. Will Bobbi have a change of heart? How does Keith fit into this world? What will the Widowmaker do to Brett? Find out in further issues in this endless game of Cat & Mouse.

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