The Rabbit of Holy Flame – Iron Fist #4

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Title: Iron Fist #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Ed Brisson

Artists: Mike Perkins, Andy Troy

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Iron Fist pushes himself to the limits as the Trial of the Seven Masters continues. This deadly contest has Danny Rand fighting for his life not just from deadly fists but poison.

Ed Brisson raises the stakes for both hero and villain in a masterful way that is compelling on both fronts. The perspective switches from Danny to Master Choshin as both aim to win the tournament.

The latest opponent to step forward is the champion of The Rabbit faction. A man with mechanical legs but sharp technique. His movements are ever so calculated and cunning creating no windows of opportunity to counter.

The Court of Masters feel uneasy as Danny Rand continues to prove himself and defeat numerous champions thus far. Master Choshin in fear of losing the goal of his people frames Danny in order to keep his dream in tact. Now, with the claim of murder to his head Danny must clear his name in the midst of surviving the greatest ritual of Martial Arts law.

Mike Perkins sets the world with heavy line work, dark colors, and realistic features. The characters and environment all work together bringing forth a powerful stage. The artwork highlights the different styles and movements of martial arts to punches, kicks, and throws.

In direct conflict the focus is on the characters shaping the muscle movement, facial features, and emotions. The background takes back seat but suits as a placement holder to bring out pacing and color.

The color pallet is a mixture of warm and cool color pigments. Andy Troy takes control of the mood injections with a beautiful display of greens and shadow. The shadows highlight the realism upon characters and environment whether at night or day.

Cool colors take the majority of the comic book as the main plot is during the night time. Small brushes of orange or red enter certain panels to break up the blending pigments to bring forth something of importance whether its thought or flashback. Overall the issue is a spectacle in the series maintaining raw action emotion and grit.

Will Danny be defeated and perish at the hands of the Rabbit of Holy Flame? What other schemes does Master Choshin plan to execute behind the rules of the trials? Does Danny have enough chi to summon the full power of the Iron Fist? Continue to follow the lone warrior as he carves his path and wades through blood, pain, and poison. In the end only death is absolute.

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