Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse: Movie Review

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Marvel and Sony come together to dive back into the story of Miles Morales in Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse (2023). This fantastic film takes place a year after the first one Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse (2018). We find a more experienced and capable Miles Morales as he takes on the mantle of Spider-Man. He figures out his role as a superhero and role model to his family and friends.

Numerous directors work in tandem Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson. Together they deliver a powerful narrative from start to finish and leave the audience wanting more. 

The movie is written by Phil Lord, Dave Callaham, and Christopher Miller. Together these talented writers explore the many aspects of being a superhero and a person with struggle and heart. Time is spent with Miles and his parents sharing important dialogue in building a believable relationship. A notion to have trust and love builds a powerful bond between parents and their children.

A large cast of voice talents include Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Oscar Isaac, Issa Rae, and many more as they portray different iterations of Spider-Man or Spider-Woman, across all histories of the famed wall crawling character.

The Spot, a new low level villain, quickly makes his presence known as his inter-dimensional spots allow him to travel to parallel worlds. Thus, launching this new adventure as he becomes stronger with each world he invades. 

The supporting cast of Spider-Gwen, Peter Parker, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Punk keep the movie fresh and vibrant with personality. The jokes and fight scenes come in the right moments of the film when needed. These characters are developed throughout the film without overshadowing Miles’ lead status. 

Colors explode across the big screen in ecstatic fashion. Vibrant hues of the entire color spectrum take place in key moments leaving shocking revelations. The animation will also reflect who and what is happening during the action and character development portions of the film. 

Landscapes are painted to perfection in forming an ever changing universe. Each character provides something new in the essence of who they are, how they operate, and challenge their fellow companions. 

Fan service is sprinkled throughout the movie with Easter eggs. Appearances from every iteration of the famous Marvel Superhero can be seen in the middle of the film. Callbacks to Insomniac Videogame Spider-Man, Ben Riley Scarlet Spider, and the Original 1960s Spider-Man.

The movie ends on a cliffhanger, for this is set to be the second movie in a planned trilogy. Therefore, it suffers without having a set conclusion right away after all that has taken place in the majority of the film. In the end, this film leaves a powerful impression for fans worldwide as it only builds to the legacy of the individual character of Miles and truth to “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.”

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