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Flash Excerpt #5 – Dynasty of Blossoms

The weary traveler wades through the cherry blossoms. In the eye of the mountain spiritual gates forge the solemn path. A monk in the garden of jade and lotus finds the lone traveler asleep upon the gates. When the traveler awoke he was under the waterfall of heavens, for the monk was himself becoming the

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Flash Excerpt #4 – Heart of The Ocean

Shipwrecked, a drift, a drift, a wave pushes thee. Ten thousand leagues under the sea a city thrives with magic. Mermaids swam and jellyfish swayed as the sailor floats to the bottom. A voyage of self discovery led the sailor to the greatest treasure. Before his eyes was an everlasting kingdom beyond the stars and

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Flash Excerpt #3 – Dia De Los Muertos

Soil and dirt the skeletons danced a party swirled. Glows of blue and green enriched the charms and paintings of the past and present. They rose again to follow the path of dust and gold afar. A jungle of music and passion commenced in the eyes of the people above and below. Eternity sang its

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Flash Excerpt #2 – The Fall of Man

Crash, and clank the metal spurred. Ribbons of light interweaved thoughts and conjectures to form anew. A doctor questioned the science of man as revelations stood before him with yellow eyes. The structure walked through fire and into ice for what was released became a god.  

Flash Excerpt #1 – Band of Brothers

In the midst of chaos the soldiers became family, surrounded by embers of evil. When the last star fell a light emerged within these warriors. They tore through the ashes of blood and memories. Until, the red sky turned ripe blue as an ocean’s tear wading in the wind.