Flash Excerpt #2 – The Fall of Man

Crash, and clank the metal spurred. Ribbons of light interweaved thoughts and conjectures to form anew. A doctor questioned the science of man as revelations stood before him with yellow eyes. The structure walked through fire and into ice for what was released became a god.  

Flash Excerpt #1 – Band of Brothers

In the midst of chaos the soldiers became family, surrounded by embers of evil. When the last star fell a light emerged within these warriors. They tore through the ashes of blood and memories. Until, the red sky turned ripe blue as an ocean’s tear wading in the wind.      

Hello world! I am a Writer.

My name is Dempsey Blackmon. This website before you is a place where I release my numerous stories into the world to inspire others. My inspiration comes from the love of comic books, movies, television, and video games. I am from Temple, Texas and graduated Valedictorian from Full Sail University in the Creative Writing for

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