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Wrath of Omega Red – X-men Gold #11

Title:  X-Men Gold #11 Publisher: Marvel Comics Writers: Marc Guggenheim Artists: Lan Medina Story Rating: 8 Art Rating:  10  Color Rating:  10  Overall Rating: 9.3 Marvel Comics turns up the terror as mutants clash in the heart of Russia. The X-Men battle the merciless undead mutant Omega Red. The red enforcer Arkady Rossovich comes to

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World On Fire – Spirits of Vengeance #1

Title: Spirits of Vengeance #1 Publisher: Marvel Comics Writers:  Victor Gischler Artists: David Baldeon Story Rating: 10   Art Rating:  10  Color Rating:  10  Overall Rating: 10  Marvel Comics brings Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, into the frame of Marvel Legacy with the Spirits of Vengeance. Johnny is caught in an upcoming war on both sides of

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The Man Without Fear – Daredevil #22

Title: Daredevil #22   Publisher: Marvel Comics Writers: Charles Soule Artists: Goran Sudzuka Story Rating:  10 Art Rating: 6  Color Rating: 6 Overall Rating: 7.3 Marvel Comics creates a whole new direction of vigilante justice. The blind lawyer from Hells Kitchen must face his ultimate challenge yet as Daredevil must face an enemy not in the

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