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Flashpoint – Graphic Novel REVIEW

Title: Flashpoint Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Jesse Delperdang, Alex Sinclair Story Rating: 10 Art Rating: 10         Color Rating: 10         Overall Rating: 10   Geoff Johns delivers a dynamic story featuring DC Comics very own scarlet speedster, The Flash. The story itself is one of

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Kingdom Come – Graphic Novel REVIEW

Title: Kingdom Come Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Mark Waid Artists: Alex Ross Story Rating: 10 Art Rating: 10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 The world is set on fire as the humans and superheroes clash on all scales. DC Comics delivers a most daring tale as The Justice League and other beings rage civil war. Mark Waid crafts a phenomenal story pinning

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