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Minds of Madness – Spawn #278

Title:  Spawn #278 Publisher:  Image Comics  Writers:  Darragh Savage  Artists:  Jason Shawn Alexander Story Rating:  6 Art Rating:  5 Color Rating: 5 Overall Rating: 5.3  Image Comics dives back into the dark underworld of Spawn. Al Simmons faces off with Shizumu, a demon with powers of persuasion and his menacing ghost woman Ricky. Spawn uncovers

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Endless Chaos – Spawn #275

Title: Spawn #275 Publisher: Image Comics Writers: Todd McFarlane Artists: Szymon Kudranski Story Rating: 7 Art Rating: 10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 9 Image Comics offers the next glimpse of Al Simmons as Spawn. In the aftermath of the Soul Crusher’s attack Spawn makes an effort to keep Cyan safe from the clutches of

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Beware the Soul Crusher – Spawn #274

Title:  Spawn # 274 Publisher:  Image Comics Writers:  Todd McFarlane Artists:  Szymon Kudranski Story Rating:  7 Art Rating:  10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating:  9 Image Comics continues to test the dark avenger Spawn as he continues to look after the innocent in a city of demons, killers, and psychopaths. The issue has our hero

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