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Orange is the New Black – X-Men Gold #24

Title:  X-Men Gold #24 Publisher:  Marvel Comics Writers:  Marc Guggenheim Artists:  Thony Silas Story Rating:  6 Art Rating:  8 Color Rating:  10 Overall Rating:  8 Marvel Comics returns to the X-Men in multiple perspectives as the team is threatened inside prison and on the streets of New York. IceMan and the new reformed team stand

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Prisoners to Mankind – X-Men Gold #23

Title:  X-Men Gold #23 Publisher:  Marvel Comics  Writers:  Marc Guggenheim  Artists:  Thony Silas, Arif Prianto  Story Rating:  6 Art Rating: 7 Color Rating:  10  Overall Rating:  7.6 Marvel Comics goes on the inside of a super villain prison, as Kitty Pryde and the X-Men must serve hard time until their names are exonerated or condemned.

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