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The Man From Oblivion – Kayless #1

Title: Kayless #1 Publisher: Silverline Comics Writers: Brent Larson Artists: Luis Czerniawski, Leandro Huergo Story Rating: 10 Art Rating: 10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 Silverline Comics brings a new science fiction tale shrouded within mystery. A man who hailed from the sky and walked through fire brings a message of immediate danger. The

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Vampire Nation – Twilight Grimm #1

Title: Twilight Grimm #1 Publisher: Silverline Comics Writers: R.A. Jones Artists: Rob Davis, Mickey Clausen Story Rating: 6 Art Rating: 7 Color Rating: 7 Overall Rating: 6.67 Silverline Comics enters the supernatural with a lone vampire hunter and his name is Twilight Grimm. A story of fear and survival as people are exiled to the

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Human Underworld – Cat & Mouse #1

Title: Cat & Mouse #1 Publisher: Silverline Comics  Writers: Roland Mann  Artists: Dean Zachary, Barb Kaalberg, Kevin Gallegly Story Rating: 10 Art Rating: 10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating:  10 Silverline Comics, a new independent publisher makes waves with its new comic book Cat & Mouse. A tale that dives deep into the underbelly of

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