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Rotten Apples – Spawn #283

Title:   Spawn #283 Publisher:  Image Comics Writers:  Todd McFarlane Artists:  Szymon Kudranski, Fco Plascencia Story Rating:  6 Art Rating:  9 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating:  8.6 Image Comics returns with Spawn in the aftermath of Tokyo, Japan, a new adventure begins for the dark avenger. The war to come is on the verge of

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Endless Chaos – Spawn #275

Title: Spawn #275 Publisher: Image Comics Writers: Todd McFarlane Artists: Szymon Kudranski Story Rating: 7 Art Rating: 10 Color Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 9 Image Comics offers the next glimpse of Al Simmons as Spawn. In the aftermath of the Soul Crusher’s attack Spawn makes an effort to keep Cyan safe from the clutches of

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